Rabbi Paul (Pesach) Ackerman Zt’l

Rabbi Pesach Ackerman Zt’l, the spiritual leader for the last four decades of one of the last remaining synagogues in the East Village, died June 14 in Beth Israel Hospital of pneumonia. He was 84.

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“Rabbi Ackerman’s passing is more than just the loss of a link to the immigrant days of the [nearby] Lower East Side,” said attorney Joshua Heiliczer, who attended the Anshei Meseritz minyans for several years before moving three years ago to Hong Kong. “It is the loss to the link who fought to maintain Judaism there through the rough times of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s,” as the area’s population declined. “Rabbi Ackerman stayed when others left.”

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  1. Mark Ackerman says:

    Sheloshim for Rabbi Ackerman Zt’l
    Sunday July 14th at 4:30 PM
    Interested parties please contact

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